Mn_Fit Plotting

Mn_Fit is an interactive fitting and plotting package, that uses MINUIT to fit histograms or data read in from a file and displays the fit results on a screen. Many functions are built into the package and it is easy for the user to add new ones. Fitting of 1-D and 2-D histograms is possible, and you can also fit several histograms simultaneously and apply constraints on the function parameters. Likelihood fitting is built-in and can also take into account limited Monte Carlo statistics. Hardcopies of pictures can easily be made with a quality suitable for publication. Mn_Fit can also be used purely as a plotting package without using the fitting.

Mn_Fit Fitting

Download Mn_Fit from here.

The Mn_Fit manual [HTML] can be accessed directly. If you want to print the manual links can be found below. I used LaTeX2HTML to make the HTML version.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been started (6/5/99). I will add things that crop up. If you have anything that should be included there please let me know.

The current version of Mn_Fit is v5_12. It includes an interface to ROOT histograms. Look at the README to find more information on this version and the files INSTALL, INSTALL.unix and INSTALL.vms for information on how to install Mn_Fit and some computer specific things you should know. At present only the source code and one executable has been released for v5_12. A full set of executables is available for v5_10.

If you use a Debian-based Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, etc.) you can just install the packages mn-fit, mn-fit-doc and mn-fit-dev from the standard repository

Otherwise, the easiest way to get your own version of Mn_Fit is probably to grab one of the tar files. You can find a number of ready-made Mn_Fit tar files, both the source code and some executables. You should also be able to make a user version of Mn_Fit if you get a ready-made executable, as the necessary libraries are also included.

Click on the filenames you want to fetch. Your browser may automatically decompress the zipped tar files. Extract the files using the command:

tar xvf filename

On extraction the files will be put in a subdirectory with the name mn_fit_v5_12 (or whatever the version number is). The Mn_Fit source code will be put in the mn_fit_v5_12/src directory etc. Executables and the help files will be put in the appropriate directories. The manual files will be put in the manual directory.

If you get the files still zipped give the command:

gzip -cd filename | tar xvf -

Mn_Fit version 5_00 onwards uses cpp and make for compilation and linking. The last Mn_Fit version that uses CMZ/Patchy is version 4.07/35.

If you want to get the files directly into a local file hold down the shift key in Netscape while clicking on the filename. You can then save them to a file.

The Mn_Fit tar file directory, mn_fit.pdf
The Mn_Fit manual in Postscript or PDF form., mn_fit_2ppp.pdf
The Mn_Fit manual with 2 sides per page., mn_fit_figs.pdf
The Mn_Fit manual figures., mn_fit_cover.pdf
The Mn_Fit manual cover page in colour., mn_fit_font.pdf
2 pages with different fonts to check out font printing., mn_tutorial.pdf
The Mn_Fit tutorial as well as the macros.

Before you print the manual I suggest you first try printing the 2 pages with different fonts and/or the figures to see if they come out properly. 2 pages of fonts and 17 pages of figures should be printed. If that does not work try let me know and I can generate a version without the special fonts.

The last Mn_Fit version that uses CMZ/Patchy is version 4.07/35. I have frozen development of the VMS version with this release. If you copy the car files. you should put the files in a convenient directory and copy the relevant install file (install.unix for Unix machines, install.vms for VMS machines to your Mn_Fit top directory).

The following files only apply to the CMZ/Patchy version. All newer releases are only available as tar files in the above directory.

The Mn_Fit production release directory for PATCHY/CMZ
The Mn_Fit source
Mn_Fit utilities, such as test files, help, installation scripts, ...
The command parser code
The C. Rippich version of MINUIT
The readline tar file. This is unnecessary on most modern machines, as readline is installed as part or the GNU code
The install script for Unix machines. Copy to your Mn_Fit top directory.
The install script for VMS machines. Copy to your Mn_Fit top directory.
The release notes for version 4.07.
The release notes for version 4.06.
The release notes for version 4.05.
More complete Mn_Fit documentation on installation.

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